A propos de nous

Founded in July 1989 by its current owner André Roberge,

Les Fruits et Légumes de l’Estrie started out at 2527 Roy Street, Sherbrooke, where it stayed until 1998.

At this point, the company moved to new facilities inside Sherbrooke’s industrial park. The increase in cubic footage would contribute to the company’s expansion.

Les Fruits et Légumes de l’Estrie relies on a highly experienced sales team and a professional and friendly delivery department. Through the years, the staff has developed a good relationship with the clientele, and customers have remained faithful from the start.

Les Fruits et Légumes de l’Estrie is committed to continue on that same path and provide its numerous customers with a wide range of superior-quality products at a competitive price. Excellent quality/price ratio and customer service have always been the company’s top priorities.

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Promotion et spéciaux
Nous sommes maintenant distributeur officiel: Jus de pomme 100% naturel Vitapom , format de 250ml, 375ml,1.89lt et 3.78lt.Essayez le, produit garantie.
Distributeur du pain pinsonneault, pr-cuit ou prt a utiliser
Vous pouvez maintenant vous apprivisionner en produits laitiers...lait,crme,yogourt,etc...